Thursday, June 18, 2015

*New* Finding Scientific Information Tutorial

 Austin Community College Library Services is pleased to announce a new addition to the Research Success Tutorials Suite:

Finding Scientific Information

This tutorial includes a quiz at the end to test student’s knowledge for:

1. How scientific information is published
2. How to access relevant scientific databases
3. How to search science databases effectively
4. How to find original research
The quiz results may be printed, emailed or uploaded as a document in Blackboard. The tutorial is available 24/7 from the ACC Library web site and makes an excellent introductory assignment for any science writing assignment as well as a discussion topic starter for any science lecture. This tutorial may also be assigned before a librarian-led research instruction class, such as a CHEM lab librarian session.
Students who are assigned to write a paper or research information in any of the science courses or programs will find helpful information - just in time to complete their assignments. The interactive and engaging tutorial is designed to give students the information they need to understand how to research in any area of the sciences including nursing, environmental science, veterinary technology and biology.
We are working on more tutorials to help your students be successful in any research assignment. Stay tuned for more updates!

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