Monday, August 5, 2019

Group Study Rooms!

Looking for a quiet place to study with a friend or two? Preparing for that big group presentation or final exam?

ACC Library Services Group Study Rooms are here for YOU!

(SAC Group Study Room 2)

Group Study Rooms are available for groups of two or more currently enrolled ACC students studying for ACC courses. Study rooms are available at these ACC Libraries -- CYP, EGN, EVC, HYS, NRG, RRC, RVS, SAC, SGC.

All group study rooms offer one or more of the following:

  • Whiteboards for brainstorming and visualization of concepts 
  • TV monitors that can be connected to laptops for preparing presentations
  • Projectors that can be connected to laptops for viewing presentations

And of course, there's always an ACC Librarian available to help you with your research and citation needs!

Did you know that you can reserve a Group Study Room online?! Simply click on the Reserve a Group Study Room link from the ACC Library Services home page and follow the reservation prompts.