Monday, July 15, 2013

Learning Express Library

If you need to prepare for an occupation exam, review basic algebra, or find some resume writing tips, then pay a visit to our new online resource, Learning Express Library.

Learning Express Library is packed with short courses, eBooks, and practice exams. You’ll find Learning Centers devoted to a wide range of subjects and skills including GED preparation, academic subjects like public speaking, math, and biology, plus testing resources in career fields such as Culinary Arts, EMS, and Nursing and Allied Health.

Each Learning Center is a repository of resources, including full-length eBooks, which you can download in PDF format, self-paced online courses, and untimed practice tests. Don’t be put off when you first arrive. To access materials, you’ll first have to set up a free, personal login.

Once you do, you’ll be able to use the “My Center” feature to bookmark eBooks and courses you want to return to later. One nice feature is that Learning Express will keep track of your progress. If you don’t have time to finish a practice exam now, you can resume your test any time you like by returning to your “My Center” page. When you do finish a test, Learning Express will grade your exam right away. You can refer back to these results any time.

There are a few ways to find materials in Learning Express. You can use the Search box to enter simple keywords such as “math” or “nursing.”  You can even use the drop-down menu beside the search box to zero in on a particular type of resource. You can head straight for the tests instead of scanning a long list of eBooks.

The first time you visit, you might take a moment to poke around and explore the major subject categories. They’re arranged along the top of the screen as a series of multicolored tabs. Choose a broad category like “Workplace Skills Improvement” then drill down into the Learning Centers within to pull up great advice, eBooks, and short courses devoted to topics like interviewing, job hunting, and creating resumes.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find something new every time you dive in. There’s a lot in here, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. " Popular Software Tutorials?" I didn’t even notice these were here last time. Sign me up!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Cookbooks and Culinary Arts Resources

Cookbooks and Culinary Arts 
resources available through ACC Libraries

ACC Eastview (EVC) library has the most cookbooks because the ACC Culinary Arts program is at the EVC campus.  There are approximately 1,700 cookbooks in the EVC library.  See “Books” page on the library Culinary Arts Subject Guide for information such as award winning cookbooks (left side) and new cookbooks (center).  You can also search our catalog or browse the shelves.

Look at the “Books, eBooks, Audiovisual” page for a list of all culinary materials including books, DVDs, e-books and streaming videos and there is a separate list for new ones added this year. 

You will also find electronic resources and other resources on the Culinary Arts Subject Guide including Culinary e-books and audiovisual materials (DVDs, etc).

Did you know that you can request that any of these cookbooks be sent to another ACC library where you can pick it up at the campus library of your choice?  You do not have to be a Culinary Arts student to check out cookbooks.

Some of the most popular cookbooks:
·         The Bread Baker’s Apprentice
·         The Professional Chef
·         The Science of Good Food
·         Trailer Food Diaries: Austin, volume 1 and volume 2

Besides cookbooks there are also materials that support the Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Travel and Tourism programs beyond cookbooks.  You will also find more food science materials on the Chemistry Subject Guide and nutrition materials on the Nutrition Subject Guide.  Look at the Career Information Subject Guide also.  And, of course, ask a librarian if you need help.

Another benefit if you are at the EVC campus for lunch on Tuesday or Thursday – eat at the student restaurant.  See Culinary Subject Guide (top center) for details.