Monday, January 28, 2019

Emergency Management - Career and Research Options

Have you ever wondered about what happens after a catastrophic event, such as a(n):
picture of a tornado in a field
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  • earthquake
  • flood
  • tornado
  • fire
  • terrorist attack

Disasters like these can cause large numbers of fatalities, as well as large-scale destruction of property. So how does the government, as well as hospitals, non-profit organizations, and private companies, prepare for and deal with the aftermath of events like these? If you have wondered these things, you may be interested in studying Emergency Management, and it just so happens that ACC has recently added an Associate’s Degree in Emergency Management.

Emergency response team in visibility vests planning work
"USACE Los Angeles District Emergency Management response team" by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Emergency management directors and specialists can work in federal, state, or local government. There are emergency managers working for private companies as well. In both cases, they help prepare their organization for dealing with these kinds of catastrophes. They develop the procedures for how their organization will respond during a crisis, and help lead the response while it is going on. And they continue to help with the cleanup and results after the event has concluded.

house and vehicle on fire
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Another career for which an A.S. in Emergency Management can be useful is as a police, fire, and ambulance dispatcher. These are the individuals who handle reports via the telephone, computer, or radio, about crimes and medical and police emergencies. They give instructions to the reporter, and are the ones to send the information to the appropriate emergency organization.

If you are interested in this field, or already taking classes on your way toward your degree, the library has prepared a LibGuide to help you with your research in the area. This includes suggestions for terms to search in the catalog, useful books and databases for research in this area, info on free resources, official agencies and associations that you might be interested in, and career information.

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The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Reference Center is a new resource to the ACC library. This database offers full-text articles about topics such as risk evaluation, emergency preparedness and crisis communications.

You can check out the award path for the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Emergency Management here.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Library Resources for Careers and Employment

Looking for information on careers and employment? ACC Library Services has
many resources to help you explore information on a specific career path, general job searching, résumé building, interview skills, and so much more!

Try searching these databases for information on careers and employment.
More info about them is listed below:

This resource contains industry and professional articles, school planning
resources, and skills and career advice. Take a look at our recent Spotlight On post about Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center to learn more about the database!


This resource includes tutorials and e-books to help with job preparation, career
advancement, and college readiness, as well as practice tests for the TOEFL,
MCAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and AP tests. It also includes Computer Skills,
Job & Career Accelerator, and Adult Learning centers.
*This product (not ACC) requires that you register for a free account before accessing.


This resource includes over 300 practice tests, including NCLEX, GED, TOEFL,
TAKS, ACT, SAT, and CLEP, plus career and college prep tools.


This resource includes full text of articles from 400 trade and technical periodicals,
as well as articles from trade and industry magazines and journals.

Additional resources!
Career Info Guide - This online guide contains links to online resources to help
you with job searching, résumé building, interview skills, and books and articles
specific to career information.

Career Book Collection - This featured group of books is part of a special
collection ACC Library Services added in 2016. It includes books on networking,
leadership, college and career success, plus so much more!

Career1.png    Career3.png   Career2.png     Career4.png   Career5.png

There's a multitude of information and resources available to you about careers
and employment. Let ACC Library Services help you find it!