Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Bite-Sized Research Success Tutorials


In the new tutorial series, we’re focusing on bite-sized lessons you can assign for homework. We’re breaking down the research process into short, hands-on tutorials designed to teach a single concept so students may focus on a needed skill for student success.  


By selecting from the Online Tutorial a la carte menu, students can tackle any combination of skills in whichever order makes the most sense pedagogically. Since we’re adding them to our Online Tutorials page, anyone can drop by 24/7 to find a few helpful starting places.
If your students are researching online, you might assign your students to complete our new Evaluating Information tutorial. This engaging and interactive tutorial will help them learn basic strategies for evaluating information, with engaging examples and illustrations, and let them practice what they’re learning on the spot. Our tutorials come packed with fun activities like drag-and-drop activities that immediately allow students to apply a concept they’ve just explored to a relevant, real-world scenario.

Each tutorial includes a brief multiple-choice quiz that provides immediate feedback. Need a way to see how they’re doing so far with a new concept? Students may print their quiz results and turn them in.

These tutorials offer flexibility with engaging new tutorials to add to your assignments. They can be discussion-starters, first steps before hands-on classroom time with a librarian, assignment supplements that can be threaded through any research-related writing assignment, or used to introduced a flipped classroom session. Consult with a librarian at your campus to explore the possibilities!

Watch for our newest tutorial in the works: Finding Scientific Information - coming out in the summer!

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