Sunday, February 17, 2013

The recent Celebration of Diversity in Computing* reminds us of a related resource available to ACC library users--an online collection of IT, programming, computer, and multimedia books. 

O’Reilly Media, Inc. and Pearson Education began Safari Tech Books Online in 2001 and were later joined by other technical book publishers.  ACC Library Services subscribes to a Custom Safari Books Online Collection of approximately 100 titles. 

You can go directly to the Custom Safari Books Online Collection from the e-Books (Online Books) page. Titles from the Safari Tech Books Online collection also display in ACC library catalog search results. 


You can click View All Titles to browse the collection, use the left menu to browse categories or publishers, or you can use the search box to find books by author, title, keyword, phrase, section title, code fragments, ISBN, or publisher.

Your search will retrieve a list of results with images of book covers, tables of contents with chapter links, and overviews, which may include subscriber reviews of books.  You can search within a book as well as use options to filter search results.


Click Start Reading to open a book.  Turn pages by using directional arrows. You can enlarge or decrease the font size, select full screen view, and display multiple pages.   Safari Tech Books Online was designed to be compatible with the ADA Section 508 Guidelines.  

Books are easy to navigate.  However, there are some technical requirements that must be met for Safari Tech Books Online to function properly.  Click Help to find information about browsers and other requirements.


You can print individual pages of a book, but not the book in its entirety.  There are print and email icons near the top left corner of the viewer window. You can email a link to a page by clicking the envelope icon.  Clicking the printer icon will either open the page in a new browser window or open your browser's print dialog box.  Books in this collection cannot be downloaded to an e-Reader as some e-Books in other collections can be.

If you have an interest in the topics covered by the Custom Safari Books Online Collection, you will surely enjoy using this resource.

*The first Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference was held in October, 2001, in Houston, Texas.  Beginning in 2009, the conference was moved to the spring. Find out more about Richard Tapia, whose celebration is organized by the Coalition to Diversity Computing (CDC), and sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in cooperation with the Computing Research Association (CRA) and the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tech Toolbox

Tech Toolbox is one of the many Library Research Guides available through the library website to help you with your classes. While the Subject Guides provide resources and information about every academic subject and workforce area offered at ACC, our Library Guides help with certain research-related skills and topics.

The Tech Toolbox Library Guide focuses on technology skills and information. Confused about Google Docs? Need to brush up on your PowerPoint skills? Unsure where to go to to set up your ACC online account? Wondering what resources the library has about technology? Visit the Tech Toolbox to answer these questions, plus many more!

Like all other Library Research Guides, Tech Toolbox is divided into tabs, each with its own sub-topic, appearing across the top of the guide. You can click on these tabs in any order, or skip some entirely, depending on the information you seek.

The Home tab provides information about how to use a computer, what the Internet actually is, a glossary of technological terms, and what software and hardware is available to you in the ACC Library.

The Google Docs tab explains how to use this tool (and provides tips and tricks), which you have access to through your ACCmail account.

The Word and PowerPoint tabs include three different tutorials to get you started, a list of ACC Library materials about the software, and step-by-step instructions on several FAQ topics.

The Email tab discusses ACC student email accounts, general email safety and security tips, and provides links to tutorials on using email services.

The Printing, Wireless, and Library E-Resources tabs provide information about these services at ACC libraries, as well as general information and tips.

The Social tab defines and gives examples of the most popular types of social media, as well as providing links to video tutorials, informational websites, and books at the ACC libraries.

No matter your comfort level with technology, there's always something new to learn, and the Tech Toolbox is the best place to start! Start exploring this resource today!