Sunday, January 19, 2014

ACC Library Supports Classroom Faculty With Instruction Opportunities

The Library Services Information Literacy (IL) Team offers an online request form to streamline the process for requesting library instruction that supports the learning outcomes YOU have identified for your students.To request that an instruction session be scheduled for your class, complete the Library Instruction Request Form.

With two weeks notice, a librarian on your campus can work with you to plan an instruction session covering the student learning outcomes (SLOs) you specify, and can join your class for hands-on instruction with your students. Librarians can also work with you to assign our new, engaging, assessment-embedded tutorials to create a flipped classroom.

Have questions about this service or need help with the Library Instruction Request Form? Contact one of the IL Team members for more information:
  • Terry Barksdale, tbarksda at
  • Ashley Carr, acarr at
  • Courtney Mlinar, courtney.mlinar at
  • Dave Wilson, dwilson3 at