Friday, August 30, 2013

Did you know that the Library has a tab in Blackboard?

You can access the library’s resources quickly and easily. You can:
  • Search for books or videos
  • Connect to the article databases
  • Find help for your assignments
All in one place!

Just click the “Library Services” tab near the top of your Blackboard page.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ARTstor - 1.6 million digital images for your free use

What is ARTstor?
     Over 1.6 million images in arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences.  

     Images cover prehistory to the present.

     Students - Create image folders for presentations/papers.

     Faculty - create folders for class use or assign for viewing outside class.

     ACC Staff - use images in your work and presentations


Why use ARTstor?

     Use images to challenge, inform, kindle the imagination and stir discussion. 

     It can be used remotely.

Best of all:  You do not need to secure rights to use these images; ACC’s Library subscription takes care of that!
(Exception:  personal use outside of ACC not covered.)

Subject areas:  
  • art, 
  • architecture, 
  • photography,
  • music, 
  • religion, 
  • anthropology, 
  • literature, 
  • world history, 
  • American Studies, 
  • Asian Studies, 
  • Classical Studies, 
  • Medieval Studies, 
  • Renaissance Studies, 
  • and much more.

Where do the images come from?
outstanding national and international museums,
photo archives, and
artists and artists' estates.

Who can use it?
Currently enrolled ACC students -After you enter ARTstor, look in upper right to register.

ACC faculty  - Very important for faculty and staff
Email the Library E-Resources Librarian, Adrian Whatley( in order to set up instructor privileges.

What are these privileges?   
  • Access to free sophisticated software for use in your classroom presentation.
  • Share your work or lecture materials through password-protected folders, student folder, or public folders.
  • Add your personal images you've collected over the years to your ARTstor folders.
  • Sign up permanently - rather than more than once.

Mobile app available.  See online info.  

How does one learn to use ARTstor and become proficient in it?

It's very easy to get started and find images and save them to folders.

When you want to know more:  

ARTstor offers extensive online training aids:  
videos, live individual sessions as well as group sessions.  
            Follow these easy HELP videos and online resources:  
            ARTstor HELP pages