Sunday, July 26, 2015

Library Group Study Rooms

Study Area in Peckham Hall, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY ACC Faculty often assign group projects to their classes but sometimes, students then have difficulties finding a location to work together in a ‘clean, well lighted place’, with technology available to support your learning.

Where to go?
These ACC libraries have group study rooms available for currently enrolled ACC students studying together:
Cypress (CYP), Elgin (EGN), Eastview (EVC), Hays (HYS), Northridge (NRG), Rio Grande (RGC), Round Rock (RRC), Riverside (RVS), and South Austin (SAC).  At this time, the PIN library does not have a group study room.
Highland Campus (HLC) has group study rooms available, but they are located in the ACCelerator (across from the Library). Show your ACC ID and ask about availability at the ACCelerator’s service desk.

For Library Group Study Rooms: 
  • Come to a library’s Reference Desk in person and show the librarian your ACC ID card.
  • Slots are available from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and depending on availability, at the end of your reservation you may be able to extend the time.
  • Reservations are accepted up to 7 days in advance, but be sure to arrive punctually -- if you’re more than 10 minutes late, your group forfeits the reservation!

Use the white board or check out laptops at a Library’s Circulation Desk so group members can collaborate via Google docs, view media, review Blackboard materials, print documents, etc.  In a few study rooms you can connect your laptop to a projector or flat screen for group work!

 ‘Group study’ means just that – 2 or more currently enrolled ACC students – these are not ‘individual study rooms’. 

The study rooms may not be used for tutoring, meetings of organizations, or for faculty to meet with students. Please see complete rules about the study rooms.

Sign-up, meet your group, and be successful with that project or ace that test!
Would you like more info? Need other locations to study on your campus? Are you stuck getting started researching your topic?  Ask a librarian! We’re here to help you.

Monday, July 13, 2015

On the Boards TV

On the Boards TV is an exciting new streaming video collection that we’re pleased to make available to ACC students, faculty, and staff. What makes On the Boards TV different from our educational video platforms like Films on Demand is its exclusive focus on theater, dance, and music. This isn’t an ordinary collection of dry educational documentaries about playwrights and musicians, but a high-quality collection of beautifully photographed performance films.

On the Boards TV specializes in capturing a live performance so painstakingly that you would swear that you were present in the audience. How do they do it? Every play, dance, or performance piece is shot with as many as five HD cameras from vantage points throughout the performance space. The performers often serve as consultants during the editing process to help assemble videos that capture all of the nuances and highlights of the live performance.

What types of performance films will you find here? Right now, On the Boards includes about 40 classical, contemporary, and experimental plays, dance performances, and installation pieces by small cutting edge groups from around the world. The videos were captured during live performances in Portland’s On the Boards theater, as well as in other performance spaces in New York and Austin, TX. The collection keeps growing. On the Boards will continue to add new films throughout the year. 

The best way to sample On the Boards TV is to stop by and browse films by categories such as dance, theater, and music. (You can find On the Boards TV or any of our online resources by visiting Databases A-Z.) You’ll find eclectic, cutting edge performances such as Beth Gill’s colorful dance piece Electric Midwife, which is typically performed for an audience of about 14 people. Now you can be a part of that audience, and you can watch whenever and wherever you like, even on your mobile device. If you’re off campus, just be prepared to sign in with your ACC eID and password. Then get ready to take a front seat.