Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Time for a Break!

Yes, it's break time. Another semester has come to close and...we made it! We survived and even prospered during challenging times. Now it's time to step back, reflect, and relax. But first let's celebrate those who're graduating this semester: congratulations graduating Riverbats!

So, now that you likely have a little more time on your hands, why not take advantage of some of the fantastic resources that ACC Library Services makes available to you? Perhaps you'd like to learn more about world holidays? Or maybe you'd like to listen to some great music including classic holiday tunes? Or perhaps you'd like to sit back and enjoy an outstanding film, maybe even a holiday-themed one or one that's ideal for the whole family? If so, Library Services has you covered throughout the break and beyond!

  • Interested in learning more about holidays and holiday customs? Click here to see a list of some great e-Resources on the topic of world holidays including the Smithsonian's volume of Handmade Holiday Cards from Twentieth-century Artists
  • Want to enjoy some great music during your downtime?
    • Check out the Naxos Music Library 
      • Naxos
        If you'd like to browse and listen to a selection of terrific holiday numbers, simply enter the phrase holiday music in the search box located in the upper right corner of the screen
      • Want to listen to Naxos selections on your Android or Apple device? Click here for information and directions
  • Or perhaps it's time you sat back and enjoyed some great films?
    • Take a look at the awesome collection in Kanopy 
      • If you're curious about exploring the holiday-themed films available in Kanopy, enter the phrase december holidays into the search box at the top of the screen. You'll notice "December Holidays" appear in the subjects area of the resulting dropdown list. Click this to access 26 holiday-themed films
      • Kanopy
        Kanopy even features a special "Films for the Whole Family" collection. Just type for the holidays into the search box, then click the "For the Holidays" option that appears in the subjects list to browse these 59 specially selected titles
      • Perhaps you'd prefer to spend the break watching some of the greatest films ever made? If that's the case, we have many of them available to stream via our excellent Radio Television Film Research Guide that includes a section dedicated to The Great Films (look for "Stream on Kanopy" to view streaming titles)
      • Want to view Kanopy films on your TV? Click here for information on how to do so
    • Swank Digital CampusAlso, check out more classic films available to stream via our Swank Digital Campus collection

Don't forget that in order to view any of the resources listed above you'll need to login with your ACCeID and password.

Have a wonderful break, enjoy some of our great resources, and we'll see you next year!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Government & Legal Documents

Are you looking for information about laws in Texas or the United States? Do you want to read U.S. Congressional, Presidential, or Supreme Court documents? The ACC Libraries have the resources for you!


Check out our HeinOnline Academic database! It contains U.S. federal & state case law, as well as multidisciplinary content in more than 100 subject areas, including history, political science, criminal justice, religious studies, international relations, women’s studies, pre-law, and many more.

Have a question about how to use these resources? Ask a librarian! We're here to help you!