Monday, February 25, 2019

¡Celebrar la Semana Nacional del Idioma Extranjero!

 حتفال أسبوع اللغة الأجنبية الوطنية  (Arabic)
慶祝國家外語週 (Chinese)
Célébrer la semaine nationale des langues étrangères (French)
Feiern Sie die nationale Fremdsprachenwoche (German)
Festeggia la settimana nazionale di lingua straniera (Italian)
국가 별 외국어 주간을 축하하다 (Korean, coming soon!)
Celebramus nationalibus linguam alienam sabbati (Latin)
отмечать неделю национального иностранного! (Russian)

These are all the ways that ACC students studying Foreign Languages say
ACC supports 9 Foreign Languages, with a tenth coming soon, so you have many to
choose from when you are looking to fulfill that language requirement.
And if you are majoring in a language, check out the Careers tab on the Library Guide
or Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Honor Society for Foreign Languages.
All ACC Libraries have materials on each language but some campuses have more
materials than others, depending on where the languages are taught. However, you
can request materials to be sent to your campus by Requesting a Copy of a material.
You can also search by language using the advanced search features in the Library
catalog. Type in a keyword and limit by language.
Looking for local resources, including festivals, restaurants, and other cultural events?
Check out the Web Resources page on the Foreign Language Library Guide!
Au revoir, Vale, Adiós, Прощай, 안녕, さようなら, Addio, وداعا 再見 Auf Wiedersehen!

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