Sunday, April 22, 2018

Getting ready for finals: ACC Library resources can help!

Stressed about finals? ACC Libraries have resources available for you so that you feel ready to take on finals week! Check out a few of them here:

If you are working on a paper or presentation:

If you're having trouble formatting your paper or presentation, we have a Tech Toolbox that can help. The Toolbox is full of hints and tips for using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Blackboard. All of our ACC Libraries have PCs loaded with Microsoft Office Software for you to work on, so come in and get to work! 

Need citation help?

Take a look at our citation style guides. The style you will need to use for your paper depends on your instructor. ACC takes Academic Integrity seriously. If you need help understanding what plagiarism is, check out our online tutorial on Academic Honesty and Plagiarism.

Speaking of Tutorials...

Our online tutorials can help you learn more about how to search for information, build a research paper, or evaluate information you find. The tutorials are interactive, and you can practice skills that will help you in lots of different areas of study. Check them out!

We've got books:

ACC Libraries have books you can check out that cover different topics that can be helpful around finals. Here are some suggestions:

Ask a Librarian!

We have a real live librarian you can chat with 24/7. Whether you're pulling an all-nighter, or just don't want to come in to the library in person, you can always find someone to chat with online. If in person help is your thing, come and see us. When the library is open, we have expert Faculty Reference Librarians available to help you at the Reference Desk. Our Librarians can help you find a book, sources for your assignment, and figure out citations. Not sure if it's a question we can answer? Ask it anyway! We're here to help.

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