Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Library Services and Programs During Intersessions

The mission of Library Services is to support teaching and learning at Austin Community College by offering Services and Programs that will help faculty and students attain a successful learning experience.

Open Libraries

Library Services has one central campus open between semesters (where the Student Support Textbook Collection is). See this page for information on open libraries.
If patrons need to return material when libraries are closed, there are book drops at many campuses that can be used. Book drops at closed campuses are checked frequently during intersession to collect any returned items. (See this FAQ about returning library material.)
To support access to the Student Support Textbook Collection, Highland is the open campus library with staff from other libraries rotating in to staff the library. All library assistants staffing HLC during the intersession are trained in textbook policies and procedures.

Reference & Research Services

Reference Librarians provide assistance to students at the Highland Campus Library during the intersession.Chat service provides our students with assistance even when we are closed. The service provided after hours includes librarians who are trained in and are familiar with our resources.

We continue to answer email reference questions when we are closed as well for those who choose not to use Chat services.

As always, the ACC Library Services offers 24/7 access to the Library Web Site with links to such resources as:

In Addition:

During intersession phone messages and signage at all library locations are standardized, instructing students on which library is open and how best to reach them. Check flyer holders on library doors for "handouts" with hours and directions guiding them to the open campuses.

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