Sunday, August 9, 2015

Graphic Novels

In August of 1962,  Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced:

This new superhero debuted in Issue #15 of Amazing Fantasy. The arachnid crime fighter got his own comic book in March of 1963 and quickly became the center of a multimedia empire.                 Chase's Calendar of Events 2015, pp 391

Originally known as comic books, these popular publications have entertained all ages for many years, only now they have expanded into a fairly new genre called  Graphic Novels. Visit an  ACC campus library and check out one of these:

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     Book Jacket 

Graphic novels are not limited to only superheroes:

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Graphic novels have become serious business. If you are wondering about the research into their educational benefits, read these articles in our databases:

     ebook, Salem Press

     EBSCO, Drake Law Review

     EBSCO, History Teacher

     Literary Reference Center, Publishers Weekly

Are you interested in creating graphic novels? Try these:

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