Sunday, July 6, 2014

Heritage Quest Census Images

Having a personal connection with history can really make it come alive. One of our databases, HeritageQuest Online, provides images of every census from 1790 through 1940. The database is searchable by name, county or state. Advanced search features let you limit your search by age, sex, race and birthplace. 1940 was only 74 years ago. Take any relative of yours that was alive in 1940 - a parent, a grandparent, a great-grandparent, an aunt or uncle -- and it's likely that you'll find them in the U.S. census.

Once you find people in the census, there's so much information you can find out about them -- who all lived in the same household, and how they were all related, their street address, who the neighbors were, what they did for a living, whether they rented or owned their house, how old they were at the time, what level of education they attained -- all kinds of interesting things. And different questions were asked in different censuses, so it can be interesting to trace a person or family back through time.

For those who are just getting started in the study of  their ancestors (or, genealogy), HeritageQuest Online provides links to online video and slide lessons from on special topics such as How to Start Researching your Family Tree, Census Tracking for Beginners, and Finding the Slave Generation.

HeritageQuest Online has many other features that you might find useful besides census data. There are searchable family history ebooks and magazines, as well as specialized databases of individuals who served in the American Revolution, or who opened accounts with the Freedman's Bank set up after the Civil War.

Take a moment to connect with your personal history and find out more about your ancestors. You never know what (or who) you might find!

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