Monday, November 12, 2012

STAT!Ref: Healthcare Ebooks

STAT!Ref is an online e-book service offering full-text access to over 70 essential titles in the health sciences. Each book is listed separately in the catalog and can be accessed separately. According to our statistics, the most popular STAT!Ref ebook titles in FY 12, with over 1000 uses each, were:
But the real strength of STAT!Ref lies in being able to search topics across the entire platform. Searches on terms go to specific sections and chapters for easy access. Double-clicking on medical terms in the results provides definitions. Results can be filtered by point of care, or by books in particular disciplines, such as nursing or pharmacology. Other features include hundreds of medical calculators, and links from search results to federal health resources like the CDC and PubMed.

The following video briefly describes many of the useful features of STAT!Ref:

STAT!Ref is also available on-the-go. There are both a mobile site, available on the ACC Libraries Mobile site (just click Articles & More on the site), and apps available for iPhone/iPad, Android  and Blackberry. Be aware that you may have to set up an account with STAT!Ref in order to authorize these apps for use on your device.

Sample screens of STAT!Ref mobile page and iPhone App

Do take advantage of this helpful resource. If you would like to integrate STAT!Ref or any of it's titles into your course, we can help you create permanent links that can be emailed to students or posted in Blackboard. Contact Eastview librarian Steve Self for more information.

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